Mouse usb laser wrl m705/black 910-006034 logitech

Mouse usb laser wrl m705/black 910-006034 logitech


Logitech® Wireless Mouse M705 lets you power on… and on. It uses far less power than comparable wireless mice from other companies, so you’ll go up to three full years between battery changes. And it uses a tiny wireless receiver that stays plugged in to your computer, so your mouse is ready to go – whenever, wherever and for as long as it takes. Plus, hyper-fast scrolling means you’ll fly through long documents to find what you need in a flash. Laser tracking means you’ll get smooth, responsive cursor control.

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USB | Laser | 1000 dpi | Number of buttons 7 | Radio Frequence 2,4 GHz | Battery AA x2 | Included Accessories Logitech Unifying receiver;Quick-start guide;2 AA Batteries | Dimensions 109 mm x 71 mm x 42 mm | Weight 0.135 kg

Kaal 0.178 kg
Mõõtmed 135 × 75 × 50 cm





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