Mouse usb optical black/red/mrgs200 mediarange

Mouse usb optical black/red/mrgs200 mediarange


MediaRange Gaming Series wired 9-button optical gaming mouse with weight management system A powerful high-precision sensor with 4.200 FPS and 48 IPS ensures excellent performance at any time. With a polling rate of 500 Hz and a response time of 2ms, you´re always a step ahead of your enemies. Features like the built-in weight management system, an extra-large scrolling wheel and additional buttons make our GS200 perfect for any battle. Switch between 400 and 4.200 dpi by using the DPI swith buttons.

Model: wired 9-button optical gaming mouse with weight management system

Fire button and sniper mode button

Adjustable DPI by switch buttons: 400, 800, 1.600, 2.400, 3.200 and 4.200 dpi

Red backlight color

Weight management system with 5 x 5g weights

Low-friction teflon feets

Stylish rubber coated surface

Grooved side pads for excellent grip

Ergonomic shape for better handling

USB refresh polling rate: 500 Hz (by hardware)

Tracking speed: 48 IPS

Accelaration: 10 G

Switch life time (left/right): 3 million

Connection: USB 2.0 Connection cable; 1.5m cable length

Rating: DC 5V – 100mA (max.); USB bus-powered

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation*, XBOX*; Plug & Play

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USB 2.0 | Optical | 4200 dpi | Number of buttons 9 | Colour Black / Red | Dimensions 124 x 80 x 38mm | Weight 0.125 kg

Kaal 0.244 kg
Mõõtmed 220 × 60 × 160 cm






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