Mouse usb optical pulsefire/core hx-mc004b hyperx

Mouse usb optical pulsefire/core hx-mc004b hyperx


Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire Core™ delivers the essentials for gamers looking for a solid, comfortable, wired RGB gaming mouse. The Pixart 3327 optical sensor gives players precise, smooth tracking with no hardware acceleration, and has native DPI settings up to 6200 DPI. The ergonomically-designed Pulsefire Core has textured side grips for a comfortable, no-slip grip, and its symmetrical shape is suitable for both palm and claw grip. It features high-quality switches with crisp tactile feedback rated for up to 20 million clicks. Customize lighting, DPI settings, and macros for 7 programmable buttons with HyperX NGenuity software and set your mouse up just the way you want it. The large skates on Pulsefire Core help deliver accurate aiming by giving you a smooth, controlled glide as you move the mouse.

– Pixart 3327 optical sensor with native DPI up to 6,200

– Comfortable symmetric design

– Seven programmable buttons

– Easy customization with HyperX NGenuity software

– Large mouse skates for smooth, controlled gliding

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USB 2.0 | Optical | 6200 dpi | Number of buttons 7 | Colour Black | Dimensions 63.9×41.3×119.3mm | Weight 0.123 kg

Kaal 0.202 kg
Mõõtmed 180 × 120 × 60 cm






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