Mouse usb optical wrl 6-button/right black mros232 mediarange

Mouse usb optical wrl 6-button/right black mros232 mediarange


MediaRange Wireless 6-button ergonomic mouse with optical sensor for right-handers, black

MediaRange ergonomic input devices are ideal for all applications in the office or at home. Our ergonomically shaped, optical 6-button mouse can be connected quickly and easily via USB connection and, thanks to Plug & Play, is compatible with all common operating systems and ready for immediate use. The vertical shape of the mouse ensures that you bring your forearm and wrist into a natural position. This position relaxes the muscles in your hand, forearm and furthermore in the shoulder girdle. Thanks to the comfortable thumb rest and the generous thumb recess, you always have a comfortable grip position.Especially when working long hours in the office or at home, the relief provided by an ergonomic mouse pays off.You can prevent or reduce pain in the wrist, elbow and shoulder joint and their muscles.The following diseases can be prevented by holding the hand vertically:-carpal tunnel syndrome-Epikondylitis radialis humeri-Hardening in the shoulder and neck region.

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USB | Optical | 1600 dpi | Number of buttons 6 | Battery Not included | Colour Black | Dimensions 125 x 65 x 80mm | Weight 0.086 kg

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