Mouse usb optical wrl g603/910-005102 logitech

Mouse usb optical wrl g603/910-005102 logitech


LIGHTSPEED? G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Exceptional Performance and Energy Efficiency

HERO is a revolutionary new optical sensor designed by Logitech G to deliver class-leading performance and up to 10 times the power efficiency. With HERO sensor, G603 also delivers exceptionally accurate and consistent performance across the entire DPI range, with zero smoothing, filtering or pixel rounding from 200 to 12,000 DPI.

Balance Performance and Battery Life

Quickly switch between HI and LO modes with the flick of a switch. In HI mode, G603 delivers peak performance with LIGHTSPEED 1 ms reporting and up to 500 hours of non-stop gaming. When not gaming, simply switch to LO mode and extend battery life. LO mode reports at 8 ms for up to 18 months of use with 2 AA batteries.*

Personalized Control

The G603 wireless gaming mouse can be fully configured to match your preferences. G603 comes with 6 programmable buttons including on-the-fly DPI shifting through up to 5 sensitivity settings. In LGS, configure macros, sequences of clicks and keystrokes to simplify in-game actions and quickly execute complex tasks.

Save your settings

With onboard memory, you can take your settings with you wherever you go. Using LGS, store your settings in G603 and play on other PCs without needing to install additional software. No login required.

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USB | Bluetooth | Optical | 12000 dpi | Wireless range 3 m | Battery AA x2 | Included Accessories LIGHTSPEED™ USB receiver,USB receiver extender cable,2 AA batteries,User documentation | Weight 0.135 kg

Kaal 0.313 kg
Mõõtmed 200 × 145 × 220 cm



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