Mouse usb optical wrl gm-f5/gaming itan1011056a aukey

Mouse usb optical wrl gm-f5/gaming itan1011056a aukey


GM-F5 Knight RGB Gaming Mouse with 16000 DPI resolution – Wired + Wireless

Aukey GM-F5 Knight RGB Gaming Mouse – Wireless & Wired

High Precision Sensor: Uses the advanced PMW3335 sensor and takes your gameplay to a higher level.

Customizable Features: 8 programmable buttons, choice of RGB lighting effects, customizable macros, and more.

Fire Button: Fire Button (in-game) is ergonomically placed with fast shooting operation, giving you an advantage in the heat of battle.

RGB Lighting: Adjustable 3-zone backlight with 16.8 million colorations.

High Performance: Button durability able to withstand up to 20 million clicks.

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USB 2.0 | Optical | 16000 dpi | Number of buttons 8 | Wireless range 10 m | Radio Frequence 2,4 GHz | Included Accessories 1 x USB Wireless connector,1 x USB Charging cable,1x User Manual | Colour Black | Dimensions 125 x 64 x 40mm | Weight 0.11 kg

Kaal 0.194 kg
Mõõtmed 140 × 100 × 50 cm




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