Mouse usb optical wrl m280/blue 910-004290 logitech

Mouse usb optical wrl m280/blue 910-004290 logitech


– Curves designed for total comfort

– Crafted for your hand. Enjoy extra comfort for your right hand through curved grips made of soft rubber.

– 18-month battery life. Go longer between battery changes thanks to our energy efficient engineering. Plus, M280 automatically puts itself to sleep when you’re not using it.

– Smooth and precise tracking. Get ultra precision and responsiveness with Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking.

– Plug-and-forget Nano receiver. Plug it once and forget it. Nano receiver gives you a convenient and reliable wireless connectivity.

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USB | Optical | 1000 dpi | Number of buttons 3 | Wireless range 10 m | Radio Frequence 2,4 GHz | Battery AA x1 | Included Accessories Nano Receiver, 1 AA battery (pre-installed), User documentation | Colour Blue | Dimensions 105.4×67.9×38.4 mm | Weight 0.091 kg

Kaal 0.15 kg
Mõõtmed 200 × 80 × 130 cm






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