Node vxrail e560 2x6226r gd/hba330 10×2.5/2×1100/3pro dell

Node vxrail e560 2x6226r gd/hba330 10×2.5/2×1100/3pro dell


DELL EMC VxRail E560

The Dell EMC VxRail E series consists of nodes that are best suited for remote office or entry workloads. The E series nodes support up to 40 CPU cores, 1536GB memory, and 16TB hybrid or 30TB all-flash storage in a 1-Rack Unit (RU) form factor. Each node has 4x 25 GbE ports for upstream connectivity. Two ports are attached to the Network Daughter Card (NDC), and the other two ports are provided through a PCI-E expansion card. The example within this document uses four VxRail E560 nodes.

VxRail E560/2.5” Chassis with up to 10 Hard Drives and 3PCIe slots 2CPU Only/Dual Xeon Gold 6226R/768GB/1x400GB + 2×3.84TB SSD SATA Read Intensive 6Gbps 512 2.5in Hot-plug AG Drive/Bezel/Intel x710 10Gb DP/HBA330/iDRAC9 Ent/Redundant 1100W (1+1)/2x Rack Power Cord 2M (C13/C14 10A)/3Y ProSpt PL 4H

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