Power supply|antec|750 watts|efficiency 80 plus gold|pfc active|0-761345-11622-0

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High Current Gamer
Gold Series

The latest generation of High Current Gamer Gold power supplies offer unparalleled stability and 80 PLUS® Gold-certified efficiency, thanks to the top-grade Japanese capacitors and Active PFC. Advanced thermal control with the Zero RPM mode enables optimal balance between silence and cooling, and a quiet 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan completes the package.

The CircuitShield™ suite of industrial-grade protections ensures that the power delivered to your system is safe and reliable in any environment. If loads of power, high-level engineering and extreme efficiency are what you’re after, the High Current Gamer Gold series is the winner.

High-performance Japanese capacitors ensure the tightest DC stability and regulation, for reliability that you and your system can count on.

PhaseWave™ Design – synchronous rectification based on a DC-DC topology.

A server-class full-bridge LLC design.

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HCG750 Gold | ATX 2.4 | 750 Watts | Cooling System 12cm fan | 80 PLUS GOLD | PFC Active

Kaal 2.77 kg
Mõõtmed 510 × 360 × 250 cm





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