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The new Elite V3 power supply is a dependable choice for the everyday PC user. The included 120mm quiet fan, PCI-E support, and global 3 year warranty delivers a PSU that provides function and resilience you can count on. It's the perfect option for users and applications that don't require 80 Plus efficiency to get the job done. This power supply has been engineered for reliability with a focus on reducing random shutdowns in brownout conditions when power sources are unstable. The Elite V3 is a complete solution delivering powerful stability in a small package for an affordable price.

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Elite V3 | 230V | ATX 2.31 | 500 Watts | Cooling System 12cm fan | PFC Active | Colour Black

Kaal 1.84 kg
Mõõtmed 470 × 220 × 210 cm






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