Server acc sata dom 128gb mlc/ssd-dm128-smcmvn1 supermicro

Server acc sata dom 128gb mlc/ssd-dm128-smcmvn1 supermicro


The Supermicro SATA DOM (Disk on Module), the SuperDOM, is a small SATA3 (6Gb/s) flash memory module designed to be conveniently inserted into a serverboard SATA connector to provide high performance solid state storage capacity that simulates a hard disk drive (HDD). Supermicro SATA DOMs are extremely reliable without any moving parts like standard HDDs and are smaller in size and lighter in weight with greatly improved performance, latency and power consumption (~ 1W-2W per SATA DOM vs. 6W-7W for an HDD).

The Supermicro SuperDOM operates up to 2x faster than other SATA DOM products in the industry. Due to its optimized design the Supermicro SuperDOM does not require a 5V power cable as do other SATA DOM products on the market, thus improving performance and reliability. However, it is still backward compatible with server boards requiring this 5V power cable.

Performance Advantage: Up to 2x faster than competitive products

Optimized Design: Approximately 1 sq. in. in size, no power cable necessary

Power Savings: Consumes only 1~2w per module vs. 6~7w on HDD

Supports ALL Supermicro Server Solutions

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SSD Capacity 128GB | SATA

Kaal 0.02 kg
Mõõtmed 90 × 15 × 65 cm





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