Server ai appliance/10ptz msa1057a magos

Server ai appliance/10ptz msa1057a magos


Deep-Learning Video Classification Server
Magos Artificial Intelligence Appliance adds deep-learning video classification capabilities to any IP camera. When connected to MASS software, customers can improve radar detection performance and get automated target classification capability.
This capability remarkably reduces nuisance alarms and improves target detection and tracking performance.
• Preloaded and configured with Magos’ MASS and AI video classification technology.
• Each appliance can handle up to 10 video streams. Any number of appliances can be added consecutively to the same system with a single MASS server.
• On-site 3-year warranty for the appliance HW.
• Standard 1U mount chassis with sliding rail kit.
• Dual hot-swappable power supplies and Raid-managed storage for high availability in the event of component failure.
• Web-based dashboard for easy configuration and setup, applying hotfixes and upgrades, quick troubleshooting, and more.
• Secure connectivity with Https support.

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Case Type 1U rack

Kaal 10 kg



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