Server mb acc ethernet adapter/pcie aoc-stgn-i2s supermicro

Server mb acc ethernet adapter/pcie aoc-stgn-i2s supermicro


The Ultimate Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller with the Flexibility and Scalability required
for Virtual and Unified Storage Environments
The latest member of Supermicro’s network adapter family, the AOC-STGN-i2S is the most flexible and scalable Ethernet adapter for today’s demanding data center environments. Based on the new Intel® 10GbE network controller 82599ES, the AOC-STGN-i2S addresses the demanding needs of the next-generation data center by providing unmatched features for virtualization, flexibility for LAN and SAN networking, and proven reliable performance.
Key Features
– Dual SFP+ Connectors
– Low-Profile Standard Form Factor
– PCI Express 2.0 (up to 5GT/s)
– Intel® QuickData Technology
– VMDq, Next-Generation VMDq, and PC-SIG SR-IOV for Virtualized Environments
– Load Balancing on Multiple CPUs
– iSCSI Remote Boot Support
– Support for most Network Operating Systems (NOSs)
– Support both DAC Twin Axial and LC Fiber-Optic SR Cables
– RoHS compliant 6/6
Supported Platforms:
– Motherboards with minimum PCI-E x8 slot
– Server Systems with low-profile or full-height PCI-E x8 expansion slot

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