Ssd m.2 2280 1tb aorus gen4/5000e ag450e1tb-g gigabyte

Ssd m.2 2280 1tb aorus gen4/5000e ag450e1tb-g gigabyte


AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD 1TB.
Built with a high-quality controller and 3D TLC NAND flash, AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD delivers up to 5,000MB/s sequential read and 4,600MB/s sequential write performance. By utilizing Host Memory Buffer technology, the SSD controller can access the host DRAM without performance loss. As for features, AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD supports TRIM, SMART, and Over-Provision technologies to improve the reliability and durability of SSDs. AORUS Gen4 5000E SSD allows users to enjoy a smoother and faster gaming experience with more power efficiency.

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SSD series AORUS | 1TB | Form Factor M.2 | PCIE | NVMe | Technology 3D TLC | Write speed 4600 MBytes/sec | Read speed 5000 MBytes/sec | Drive thickness 2.3mm | TBW 600 TB | MTBF 15000000 hours

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