Ssd|intel|p4801x|200gb|m.2|pcie|nvme|write speed 2000 mbytes/sec|read speed 2200 mbytes/sec|mtbf 2000000 hours|ssdpel1k200ga01964892

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Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4801X Series (200GB, M.2 110mm PCIe x4, 3D XPoint™, 60DWPD) Generic Single Pack
Solve the most demanding storage and memory challenges with the Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X/P4801X series.
Every day, the amount of data created across the world is exploding to new levels. Enterprises and cloud service providers thrive on this data to make critical decisions, gain new insights from the data, and differentiate services. But, today’s current storage technologies leave a gap in data storage tiers. DRAM is far too expensive to scale and while NAND has the capacity and cost structure to scale, it lacks sufficient performance to function in the memory space. To address the gap, a storage solution that behaves like system memory is needed.

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SSD series P4801X | 200GB | Form Factor M.2 | PCIE | NVMe | Write speed 2000 MBytes/sec | Read speed 2200 MBytes/sec | MTBF 2000000 hours

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