Ssd|kingston|a2000|250gb|m.2|pcie|write speed 1000 mbytes/sec|read speed 2200 mbytes/sec|mtbf 2000000 hours|sa2000m8/250g


Kingston’s A2000 NVMe PCIe SSD is an affordable storage solution with impressive performance of read/write speeds, A2000 delivers 3x the performance over a SATA SSD with quicker loading times, lower power and lower heat. A2000 SSD is designed for the entry-level user, purpose-built system manufacturer, DIY system builder, and those seeking to upgrade their PC. With a single-sided slim M.2 design, A2000 works to its full potential when installed in an Ultrabook or a small form factor PC (SFF PC) system.

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SSD series A2000 | 250GB | Form Factor M.2 | PCIE | Write speed 1000 MBytes/sec | Read speed 2200 MBytes/sec | Drive thickness 3.5mm | TBW 150 TB | MTBF 2000000 hours

Kaal 0.042 kg
Mõõtmed 200 × 140 × 70 cm





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