Ssd|patriot|viper vpr100|1tb|m.2|pcie|nvme|write speed 1000 mbytes/sec|read speed 3300 mbytes/sec|7mm|tbw 1600 tb|vpr100-1tbm28h

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Transform your speed of light! Patriot Viper Gaming is delighted to introduce the world’s first RGB APP sync, high-performance M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD, VPR100. Designed with a sharp heatshield external and Phison’s solid E12 controller gives the VPR100 the cutting-edge technology to reach lightning speeds. 5x faster than SATA SSDs, VPR100 is the next RGB edition SSD for gamers, tech enthusiasts, content creators, 3D modelers, and video rendering professionals looking into blazingly fast start up times and instantaneous access to their data for better productivity. Boost your gameplay and rank up your competitive matches in striking style with VPR100’s impressively reliable, low-profile,easy-to-install PCIe SSD. Showcase the sleek black heatshield with stunning RGB through your personalized case and simply customize the lighting through the user-friendly APP sync up.The built-in external thermal sensor provides accurate temperature reports for reliable and quality performance throughout fierce gaming sessions and workloads. Rest assured, as VPR100 is backed by Patriot’s 5 year warranty and is compatible with the latest Windows® operating systems,7/8.0*/8.1/10.

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SSD series VIPER VPR100 | 1TB | Form Factor M.2 | PCIE | NVMe | Write speed 1000 MBytes/sec | Read speed 3300 MBytes/sec | Drive thickness 7mm | TBW 1600 TB

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