Ssd|teamgroup|128gb|m.2|sata 3.0|nvme|slc|write speed 500 mbytes/sec|read speed 1500 mbytes/sec|3.8mm|mtbf 15000000 hours|tm8fp6128g0c101


TEAMGROUP MP33 M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive uses high speed PCIe Gen3 x4 interface
and complies with the NVMe 1.3 standard. With 3D nand flash memory, the transfer
speed is 3 times faster than SATA III. Suitable for players who have needs in speed, and
it is the top choice when it comes to upgrading PC/laptop.

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128GB | Form Factor M.2 | SATA 3.0 | NVMe | Technology SLC | Write speed 500 MBytes/sec | Read speed 1500 MBytes/sec | Drive thickness 3.8mm | MTBF 15000000 hours

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