Ssd|transcend|ssd220|120gb|sata 3.0|tlc|write speed 450 mbytes/sec|read speed 550 mbytes/sec|2,5″|ts120gssd220s


Looking for the best entry-level solid state drive? This is it. Transcend's SSD220 SATA III 6Gb/s SSD boasts uncompromising transfer speeds of up to 550MB/s to accelerate system boot-up and loading times at an economic price point. By using only high-quality flash chips and enhanced firmware algorithms, Transcend's SSD220 is guaranteed to deliver greater reliability. With full support of SATA Device Sleep Mode (DevSleep), the Transcend SSD220 can prolong notebook battery life by consuming up to 90% less power.

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SSD series SSD220 | 120GB | SATA 3.0 | TLC | Write speed 450 MBytes/sec | Read speed 550 MBytes/sec | Form Factor 2,5″ | Drive thickness 6.8mm

Kaal 0.109 kg
Mõõtmed 520 × 245 × 290 cm





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