Ssd|western digital|sn850|1tb|m.2|pcie|nvme|write speed 5300 mbytes/sec|read speed 7000 mbytes/sec|2.38mm|tbw 600 tb|wds100t1x0e


Long load times are obsolete with next-gen PCIe Gen4 technology, reaching irrational read/write speeds up to 7000/5300MB/s. Arm your system with RGB lighting, an optional heatsink model, and up to 2TB capacity.

  • Next-gen PCIe Gen4 technology optimized for top-tier gaming
  • Irrationally fast read/write speeds up to 7000/5300MB/s and up to 1,000,000 IOPS
  • Customizable RGB lighting (Windows Only) programmable with the WD_BLACK  Dashboard (heatsink model only)
  • Up to 2TB capacity to hold your favorite battle-ready games
  • Sleek heatsink model minimizes thermal throttling to push the boundaries of performance
  • Downloadable WD_BLACK Dashboard software to customize and control your
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SSD series SN850 | 1TB | Form Factor M.2 | PCIE | NVMe | Write speed 5300 MBytes/sec | Read speed 7000 MBytes/sec | Drive thickness 2.38mm | TBW 600 TB

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Mõõtmed 235 × 115 × 145 cm





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