Steering wheel tx rw leather/edition 4460133 thrustmaster

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NEXT-GEN force feedback racing simulator for Xbox One and PC
Hand-stitched leather wheel for ultimate comfort in race
Next-gen force feedback racing simulator
Industrial-class brushless servomotor
Super smooth and seamless force feedback
Ultra-responsive and realistic force effects, with no latency
New dual-belt, friction-free optimized mechanism
Smooth and seamless action – super silent system
High-precision racing wheel
H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™*, featuring a contactless magnetic sensor = precision that will not decrease over time
16-bit resolution (i.e. 65,536 values on the steering axis)
Rotation angle adjustable up to 900°
Internal memory and upgradeable firmware (via PC compatibility)
Xbox Guide button
Controller pairing led for Kinect detection
PC compatibility (Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10) ensured thanks to Thrustmaster drivers available for download from the website. The drivers also allow you to always have the latest firmware version available for the racing wheel.
Compatible on Xbox One and PC with detachable Thrustmaster wheels (Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On**, Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On**, etc.)
Compatible on Xbox One and PC with 3-pedal pedal set Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO**
Compatible on Xbox One and PC with the TH8A shifter** (Thrustmaster TH8 Add-on) 
T3PA pedal set included
3 pedals and internal structure = 100% metal
Conical Rubber Brake Mod included, ensuring progressive resistance
Fully adjustable = optimal comfort

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Compatible with: PC / Xbox One

Kaal 10.4 kg
Mõõtmed 475 × 375 × 345 cm





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