Vga pcie16 gt730 2gb gddr5/gt730-sl-2gd5-brk asus

Vga pcie16 gt730 2gb gddr5/gt730-sl-2gd5-brk asus


ASUS GeForce® GT 730 2GB GDDR5 low profile graphics card for silent HTPC build (with I/O port brackets)

– Silent passive cooling means true 0dB – perfect for quiet home theater PCs and multimedia centers.

– AUTO-EXTREME Technology delivers premium quality and best reliability.

– GPU Tweak II makes performance tweaking easier and more visual than ever with an intuitive, all-new UI.

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NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 | Graphics memory size 2 GB | 64 bit | PCIE 2.0 16x | Memory clock 5010 MHz | GPU clock 902 MHz | 2560×1600 | Cooling Heatsink (passive) | 1x15pin D-sub | 1xDVI-D | 1xHDMI | Included Accessories 1 x CD1 x Quick Guide2 x 1-slot LP Bracket

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